K-1 Map Skills focuses on the importance of maps and how to use them.

Students will:

  • Read books about maps and map skills
  • Learn to use a compass and play games using cardinal directions
  • Draw maps of familiar locations
  • Use state park maps to learn about map legends and symbols
  • Analyze aerial photographs and compare them to maps of the same location

The kit contains all materials needed to complete the lessons including:  lesson plans, maps, books, worksheets, photographs and much more.

NEW – Lesson plans are now digital and available on-line through the museum website.  Most activities have been re-envisioned in digital format and can be accessed without the physical kit.  Some activities are only available with the kit.

Kindergarten Teacher Lesson Plans – Click here

First Grade Teacher Lesson Plans – Click here

To check out the physical kit, complete the reservation form here, and email to admin@montgomerymuseum.org