Open House/Reception

Thursday, May 4th (5-7pm)

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Owning the Stereotype: The History of Hillbilly Iconography Exhibition

This features the private collection of Montgomery Museum Board President Dr. Jean Haskell, retired professor of Appalachian Studies at Virginia Tech and East Tennessee State University and co-editor, Encyclopedia of Appalachia. The exhibit will explore how stereotypes featuring the poor, backward “hillbilly” found their way onto myriad objects. The exhibit will explore questions such as: How did these stereotypes begin? How were they viewed within the Appalachian region? and Did the stereotypes come to be embraced within the region? Also on exhibit will be a moonshine still used in Montgomery County. The exhibit will open in April.

Whiskey Tasting by JH BARDS Spirit Co.  Over 21 only

The Whiskey tasting will be located in the lower wing of the museum. Cost is $5, please register in advance for a 20-minute time slot: Times are:

  • 5pm
  • 5:25pm
  • 5:50pm
  • 6:15 pm
  • 6:40 pm

The Cotswolds and More

Photography of Susan Lockwood