c. 1792 (202 East Main Street)

This log structure was built circa 1792 by John Glen. It passed to his daughter Mary Newlee upon his death in 1837 and bears the name of her husband, William. The large central chimney marks the original two-room structure. The original eighteenth-century cherry staircase was still intact as of 2005. Over the years the house has been expanded and covered with weatherboarding, with significant changes in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The structure is also known as either the Mary Lane House or the Moore House after two of its past residents. Mary Lane was a Pennsylvanian who married Giles Gordon, a drummer in the War of 1812. When he marched to Canada with Colonel James Preston, Mary enlisted as a drummer and went along with him. She lived in this house in the 1850s. Hazel Moore, an insurance agent, purchased the home in 1943. She was the daughter of contractor Marshall B. Moore, who built the 1909 Montgomery County Courthouse. The Newlee House, currently unoccupied, is one of the oldest buildings in Christiansburg.


William Newlee House

Lewis Miller’s sketch of the east end of Christiansburg shows the
Newlee House in the upper left corner, across from the Montague House.
(photo courtesy of the D. D. Lester Collection)


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