1915 (41 W. Main Street)

This building was built in 1915 over Snidow’s Spring. Contractor Morris C. Miller enclosed the spring, diverting the water via pipe to another nearby creek before constructing the basement above it. From 1916 to 1919, the building was home to Rice’s Pharmacy. Miller Drugs took over from 1919 until it moved up the block and across the street in 1933. From 1945 to 2002, this building, held the Shelton & Walters men’s clothing shop.


W. Main

Workers on West Main Street, with the Shelton and Walters building behind them (third from left).

W. Main St.

West Main Street, showing the awning of the Shelton and Walters building on the far right, c. 1974. The Palace Theater stands across the street.

Shelton & Walters display

Shelton and Walters storefront display, c. 1955.
(photos courtesy of the D. D. Lester Collection)


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