c. 1780-1812 (109 East Main Street)

This home was built sometime between the 1780s and 1812. The portion to the left of the front door is an early log structure, expanded and covered with wood siding by nineteenth-century occupants. It is often referred to as the Montague-Crush House after two longtime resident families. Rice D. Montague purchased the house in 1825. Before that, it was known as “Morrison’s red house,” giving a hint of the original home’s color. The Montague family owned the house for over a century before Judge Charles W. Crush bought it in 1938. Confederate Generals Stonewall Jackson and J. E. B. Stuart may have stayed in this house during the Civil War. Union general George B. Stoneman headquartered here in April 1865 when his troops occupied Christiansburg. The Montague family started a liniment factory on the property that took off by the 1870s. By the nineteen teens, the liniment factory was producing a variety of balms and medicines for both livestock and people. One of the oldest houses in downtown Christiansburg, this structure has witnessed many important events in the town’s history.


Montague House

The Montague House in an early 1900s photograph.
(photo courtesy of the D. D. Lester Collection)


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