1909 (100 West Main Street)

Cambria Baptist Church expanded during a 1907 religious revival, necessitating the construction of the Christiansburg Baptist Church on Main Street in 1909. It was built on a site which had been home to a tannery, several stores, the post office, newspaper offices for the Southwest Star and Montgomery Messenger, and telegraph and telephone offices. The lot became available for the Christiansburg Baptist Church after a 1903 fire destroyed the older buildings. The church changed its name to Main Street Baptist Church in 1910. The structure is Gothic Revival, as the pointed arch windows show. As the Christiansburg Baptist congregation grew, the church expanded several times over the years. New sanctuaries were built in 1963 and 1972 (the Colonial Revival structure next door), and the church moved to a location on Peppers Ferry Road in 2011.


Main St. Baptist Church

The 1909 Baptist church in the 1960s, before the construction of the newer sanctuary.
(photo courtesy of the D. D. Lester Collection)


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