1806 (855 Park Street NE)

Originally part of the Hans Meadow estate, Craig and Miller families were buried in this cemetery as early as 1806. Folk artist Lewis Miller’s grave is located here, his original headstone replaced following an act of vandalism. Other notable burials include Captain John Craig, grandson of James Craig, who was killed at the Battle of Chancellorsville in 1863, and John McHenry, who was killed in the Lewis-McHenry duel (1808). The cemetery has been maintained by the Montgomery Museum & Lewis Miller Regional Art Center since 1990.

Please ask at the museum for cemetery access and information. For a list of known interments and more information on the cemetery, learn more here.


Lewis Miller Headstone

Lewis Miller’s original tombstone in the Craig Cemetery, now replaced.

(photo courtesy of the D. D. Lester Collection)


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