Education to Go! brings artifacts and lesson plans to schools, homeschoolers, and community groups.

The Education to Go! program was developed by the Montgomery Museum of Art and History to serve students in Montgomery County Public Schools. It consists of a series of educational kits that include lesson plans (correlated to SOLs) and all materials needed to complete the lessons, which may include artifacts, maps, photographs, worksheets, games and more!

NEW – Digital lesson plans have been developed and now available on the individual page for each kit (See the list/links below). Most activities have been re-envisioned in digital format and can be accessed without the physical kit.  However, some activities are only available with the kit.

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Digital Lesson plans now available!

The original Traveling Trunk was created by James Page, Ph.D., who has worked for 36 years to collect the artifacts presented in this traveling exhibit.

Practice your sleuthing skills to determine what the objects in this kit were used for during the Colonial Period. We warn you – your eyes, nose, and brain will all be engaged.

This kit is appropriate for everyone age 8 and up and can be adapted for use with ages 3 to 8. Contact us to learn more about using the kit with your group.