The K-2 Past and Present kit focuses on the concepts of past and present. Artifacts from the Montgomery Museum supporting collection as well as other materials created by museum staff will be used to review the concepts of past and present.

Students will:

  • identify artifacts and their uses
  • investigate artifacts and decide whether they were used in the past or the present
  • sort images into the categories “past” and “present”
  • play a matching game in which they match past and present items with the same purpose
  • sequence photographs of types of communication and transportation
  • discuss occupations from the past and how they are similar and different in the present
  • read books about communication, transportation, schools and technology then and now

The chest will contain all materials needed to complete the lessons including:  lesson plans, artifacts, books, worksheets, photographs and more.   

NEW – Lesson plans are now digital and available on-line through the museum website.  Most activities have been re-envisioned in digital format and can be accessed without the physical kit.  Some activities are only available with the kit.

Teacher Lesson Plans – Click here

If you complete any of the activities from this kit, please complete the evaluation form and return it to the museum.  

To check out the physical kit, complete the reservation form here, and email to