#GiveLocalNRV We are so thrilled to be in a position to offer a $17,700 match for Give Local, but we need your help to reach this ambitious goal! This match was created by the support of the Board of Directors and 100% staff giving. To learn what your donation will support and to donate, please click HERE   


Looking Toward the Future: Growing With Our Community

Your support today helps us continue Growing With Our Community in the following ways:

Expand Our Footprint to Better Serve the Community

As our increasingly diverse community continues to grow, so must we in order to accommodate and serve the region at large. As the county museum, we are cognizant of our responsibility to steward the arts, history and culture of Montgomery County and the New River Valley. Our NEW home at 4 East Main St. will enhance our programming and outreach capabilities, offering the community a gathering place to learn and engage with history and art.

Offer New, Cultural Programming to provide Dynamic Forums of Self-Expression and Discovery

By donating to the museum, you are helping to create new cultural programming that we can provide to the community. We have many ideas for new events and exhibits designed to catered to all audiences of our beloved community. Based on community input, these event ideas include art walks/crawls across the County, Native American cultural programming, literary festival, film festival, and many more exciting programs! Our new building can also warmly welcome and host groups such as Dialogue on Race, Virginia History Day, and state-of-the-art traveling shows and exhibitions.

Community Collaborations to Create new Cultural Programming and Curriculum

In collaboration with many community partners, we are dedicated to sharing resources in the effort to promote, present, and preserve African American heritage and culture in Montgomery County.  Through a partnership with Christiansburg Institute, we recently erected three storyboards on the Town Square in Downtown Christiansburg honoring African American heritage, which can be found directly in front of our new building location.

Interpret and Examine the Region’s History through a New Lens and Offer a Safe Place for Discussion and Reflection

One of our objectives is to interpret and present the region’s culture and heritage, often through storytelling, public art, and history exhibits. In order to do this, it is critical to offer a safe environment and space to encourage dialogue and discussion, particularly to highlight cultural differences or elevate neglected voices in the community. We have the great responsibility, honor, and privilege to steward many untold stories that speak to the region’s heritage and offer these stories in curated form for public consumption and education.