Art+History: Agriculture!

Call for Artists

June 11 – August 26


The Montgomery Museum of Art and History is located in the former Bank of Christiansburg building, which was built in 1964. The building retains many original features including the steel safe deposit boxes in the main vault.   The main lobby is marble-floored, with the old marble teller counter and wrought-iron-work still in place.

Tractor Transition
Tractors are ubiquitous on modern farms, but during the early and mid-twentieth century the transition away from horses, mules, and oxen to motorized equipment was a time of intense change for local farmers as this exhibit will illustrate.. You are invited to submit art work for a  companion art exhibit  which will  explore the theme of agriculture


Registration is free for Museum members,  $20 for non-members.   No photos are required to register. Several days  before the opening you will be asked to register your title and price (if any). Up to three pieces may be submitted.

Show Parameters

Any  2D or 3D  Artworks representing anything to do with agricultural themes, and that are family-appropriate will be accepted. This is a non-juried show. However, the Museum reserves the right to reject art that does not adhere to these conditions.

Event Location

You are invited to visit the museum during normal business hours to view the space. Please contact Courtney,  if you would like a guided tour during museum open hours. All participating artists will be promoted on social media, the Museum website, press releases, and other marketing efforts.

Important Dates

Date Item
6/8/2024 Registration/Payment deadline
6/1/2024 Register title and bio deadline: Information on how to enter this will be sent to all registrants.
6/10/2024 Drop-off art
6/11/2024 Opening
7/11/2024 Reception*
8/26/2024 Close
8/26/2024 Pick up information will be sent to exhibitors before the end of the exhibit.

*Note: The reception will also celebrate other exhibit openings.

Eligible Works

Submissions must be family-friendly.
Not Acceptable: No buy/sell, mass produced, production or manufactured items, gourmet foods, kits, or work other than that produced by the artist are permitted.   Appropriate pieces may include:   The museum staff and review committee reserve the right to reject any submission.

Release of Liability

Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, The Montgomery Museum of Art & History, and/or their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, heirs and assigns, from all liability, costs, damages and attorneys’ fees resulting from or relating to any claims in any way connected with this Event. This provision extends to damages, including but not limited to theft, breakage, vandalism, accident or any other damages caused by the Client and/or guests or attendees in connection with this Event. The Montgomery Museum of Art and History assumes no responsibility for any food, beverages, artwork, and/or any other items whatsoever brought by anyone to the Event prior to, during, or after the Event. A signed contract will be a condition of acceptance.


Your artwork is insured for the retail price you have listed on the piece. The coverage is in effect during installations, exhibit, and removal. The Museum is not responsible for artwork in transit and is not responsible for actions of any Museum guest who may damage the artwork.

Commission and Taxes

It is not necessary  for the artwork on exhibit to be for sale. However, the Museum retains 25% commission on the sale of all artwork during the show. All sales will be handled by the Museum. A check for all work sold (minus the Museum commission) will be issued within two weeks after the end of the exhibit. Sold artwork may not be removed until the end of the show.

The Museum will be responsible for the sales tax on any items sold during the exhibit.

Personal taxes are the responsibility of the exhibitor