Paint Night by Ruth Lefko and David Ferrell

April 28 2023

The art exhibit created during the Montgomery Museum of Art & History’s Paint Night at the Museum conducted by local artists Ruth Lefko and David Ferrell was a stunning display of creativity and innovation. Attendees from the local area gathered together to participate in the event, which centered around the creation of a beautiful fresh flower arrangement donated by Erlene Barber and Gates Flowers.

Attendees were encouraged to think outside the box and use unconventional materials such as credit cards and spray bottles to achieve unique and artistically expressive effects resulting in a breathtaking display of color, texture, and form. The flower arrangement served as a starting point for each painting, with attendees using their creativity to interpret and transform it into something entirely new. The use of unconventional materials added an exciting element to the artwork, with attendees experimenting with different techniques to discover unexpected results.



The paintings on display are a diverse mix of perspective, each showcasing the individuality and creativity of its creator. Some attendees used bold, vibrant colors to create a sense of energy and movement, while others opted for softer, more subtle tones to evoke a feeling of calm and tranquility.

Throughout the event, Ruth Lefko and David Ferrell provided helpful guidance and support, sharing their knowledge and expertise with attendees to help artists discover a new and exciting process for artistic expression. The atmosphere was warm and welcoming, with attendees chatting, drinking wine, and sharing ideas as they worked on their paintings.

The evening was sponsored by: