In addition to lovely blooms and native plants, the museum’s garden is also host to a gallery of art! Members of the Blacksburg Regional Art Association have created art on window panes installed throughout the grounds and garden. Surprises of mushrooms and fairies under and around foliage delight viewers. Enjoy the colored vision of nature at any season of the year in addition to “Rusty,” the resident salvage-art cow!

Exhibiting Artists:
Sally Mook               Things Fairies Do
Al Warren                 Woodland life from old
Roberta Sallee         Home
Riley Chan               Coronaroom
Charlotte Chan        Happy Together Mushrooms
Pamela G Goff         Flutter the Flower Fairy
Gerri Young             The Fairy Gardener
Paula Diane Relf      Gnome Home  and others
James Garrison       Shroomery
Taylor Carroll           The Secret Fairies
Debbie Warren        Straw mushrooms

Gallery of Photos: