Outdoor Art at the Pepper St Grounds

In addition to lovely blooms and native plants, the museum’s garden at 300 Pepper St, Christiansburg is host to a gallery of art! Local artists have created art installed throughout the grounds and garden. where you will find work of people creating art that shows love, respect and connection to the earth and the humans who are responsible for the earth’s health.

It is about using earth-based materials that have been extracted and modified into tools of daily living, instead of tossing them in landfills and starting over with more digging (extracting of resources). The pieces in the garden will help you recognize the resources that are available for you to learn to release the creator/artist that is integral to our humanity and challenge you to make your own art. The garden is installed and maintained by various volunteers including traditional artists, teachers, students, retirees, construction workers, and any who seek visionary art. In conjunction with the Montgomery Museum, they sponsor tours, workshops, and kid’s activities. For more information on any of these activities, to volunteer for installation and removal, or most importantly and welcome to request recycled supplies (windows, etc) for making art for the garden or to offer your art for showing: contact Diane Relf dianerelf@icloud.com