Artwork of Middle and High School  Students of Montgomery County Public Schools


March 7  until  March 23


March 7  5:00-7:00

Come and view artwork from the Middle and High School  Students of Montgomery County Public Schools.

Prizes provided by BRAA

Judge: Larry Bechtel


Teacher Name School Artist Title Medium
Miriam Jones
Auburn Middle
Katie The Fierce Tiger Watercolor
Carly Judas Sharpie
Wyatt Untitled Sharpie
Alexis Arc de Triomphe Clay Tile
Jayden The Green Night Clay Tile
Kaycie Cool Cacti Clay
Emily Priddy
Blacksburg Middle
Moses Despicable Me 4 Colored Pencil
Brooklynn Odd Place Colored Pencil
Evelyn Melanie Martinez Pencil
Catherine A Colorful Toybox Colored Pencil
Helen Cardboard Margot Robbie Cardboard & Tempera Paint
Alana Northern Woodland Clay & Tempera Paint
Emily Hubbard
Blacksburg Middle
Dominic Eeyore Tempera
Amelia Winter City Mixed Media
Henry Henry and Henry Oil Pastel
Seongmin Cubism Oil Pastel
Samantha Timothy Sour Paper Mache
Lee Worley
Blacksburg Middle
Ruthie Center of Space Scratchboard
Kora Gold Flowers Scratchboard
Ella Untitled Pencil
Abby I Love the Banjo Mixed Media
Ling Shan Untitled Clay
Rivers Untitled Clay
Christen Meredith
Christiansburg Middle
Halel Blue Bird Watercolor
Kyler Mushroom Space Highlighters
Brooklyn Scream Camera Pencil
Micah Red Car Watercolor
Amanda Sigmon
Christiansburg Middle
Abigail Selfie Colored Pencil/Marker/Color Stick
Joel Owl Eye Pencil and Colored Pencil
Zoey Guess Who? Marker
Walker Curvy Colors Colored Pencil and Marker
Lorelie Strike a Pose Wire
Alyssa Nelson
Shawsville Middle
Rosalie Life and Death Collage, Colored Pencils
Carson Harold Mixed Media
Yamilet Roman Girl Watercolor, Charcoal
Aniam A Dragon Dream Colored Pencils, Acrylic Printed Flowers
Raina Fairy Tea Paper Sculpture, Mixed Media
Yamileth Kokeshi Paper Sculpture, Acrylic Paint


Teacher Name School Artist Title Medium
Dianna Hale
Auburn High
Jillian Sky Eyes Digital Art
Stacy Reaching Out Color Pencil
Cole Man’s Best Friend Acrylic pet painting on canvas
Luke Fear Pet Acrylic painting dog
Chloe The Monster Under My Bed Clay and Acrylic paint
Abigail Spring Life Clay and glaze
Megan Wright
Blacksburg High
Jane A Lavish Nap Colored Pencil
Jack Phantasmagorie Pen and Ink
Rowan Skull Study Charcoal
Holden The COOLEST Kid In (Get It, Cool Colors) Acrylic Paint
Max “It Wasn’t A Dream” Pen and Ink
Mathilda Two-Tailed Swallow Beads and Embroidery Thread
Geoff Rowland
Blacksburg High
Emerson Celestial Cheddar Stoneware
Jack Mercedes and the Forest Giant Stoneware
Hayli Orange for a Snack Stoneware
Sky Coyotes Stoneware
Adelyn Matcha Stoneware
Haylee Life and Death Stoneware
Carrie Lyons Christiansburg High School Rachel Into the Woods Watercolor
McKenna Shining Just For You Gouache
Taylor Hank O’Rylie Acrylic
Norah Rue 16 Collage
Hayse Burger And A Shake Ceramic
Hayse Don’t Play With Your Food Ceramic
Taylor Hanks
Christiansburg High
Olivia 8 Bit World Acrylic
Gracie Adventures in Ecuador Watercolor
Cairney Flower Eyes Gouache
Jakob My Teams Ceramic
Aliana Ribbit Paper Mache and Acrylic
Katelyn Wild Flower Ceramic
Kelly Smith-Price
Eastern Montgomery High
Gidel Wavering Mind Pen and Ink
Alyse Untitled Charcoal
Natalie DNA Pen and Ink
Kaylee The Effect Pen and Ink
Emerald Untitled Clay
Emerald Untitled Clay
Amanda Owens
Montgomery Central
Andrew Tim Burton Style Self-Portrait Graphite; Colored Pencil
Damien Neurographic Zentangle Permanent Marker
Sophia Zentangle Mountains Permanent Marker; Watercolor
Alexis Neurographic Tree Permanent Marker; Watercolor
April Picasso Sculpture Mixed Media
Raegan Picasso Sculpture Mixed Media