February 8  until  February 24


February 8 4:30-6:30

Come and view artwork from the Elementary Student of Montgomery County Public Schools.

Prizes provided by BRAA



Teacher Name School
 Amanda Dulaney Auburn Elementary

Artist Title Medium
Henry Line Design Pumpkin Mixed Media
Allie Woven Gingerbread House Mixed Media Collage
Emma Line Sculpture Paper Collage
Beau Line Sculpture Paper Collage
Brody Woven Snowflake Mixed Media Collage


Klee Inspired Dinosaur Mixed Media


Teacher Name School
 Kris Graham Belview Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Wendy Continuous Line Owl-5th Grade Watercolor Marker
Reagan Watercolor Barns-4th Grade Watercolor
Kendra Arlo’s Glasses-Kindergarten Oil pastel and paint
Declan Farm Animals-1st Grade Watercolor Markers
Kaylee Christmas Chicken-4th Grade Paper Maché

Teacher Name School
Sarah Blackburn Christiansburg Primary
Artist Title Medium
Andie Northern Lights Watercolor and Sharpie
Annie Northern Lights Watercolor and Sharpie
Oak BEE Mine Crayon
Jake Frida Kitty Crayon


Teacher Name School
Eastern Montgomery Elementary 
Artist Title Medium
Kinslei Groundhog Crayon
River Night Tree Crayon
Allison Happy Turtle Crayon, Marker


Sleepy Deer Crayon


Teacher Name School
Maggie Maloney Falling Branch Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Ava Untitled Pencil
Seth B Untitled Tempera paint stick, sharpie, marker
Jacob Untitled Tempera paint stick
Meagan Untitled Tempera paint, sharpie marker
Gwen Snake Pinata Mixed Media–paper board, tissue paper, construction paper
Harper E Taco Pinata Mixed Media–paper board, tissue paper, construction paper
Teacher Name School
Shaun Whiteside Gilbert Linkous Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Louis Witch’s House Construction paper
Anna Halloween Cat Construction paper, Oil pastel
Abby Dancing Skeleton Construction paper, Crayon
Gretchen Mask Plaster and Tempera
Isaiah Mask Plaster and Tempera


Shape Robot Mixed media – Tempera, Construction paper
Teacher Name School
Ken Pease Harding Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Beckett Swag Pig Mixed Media
Gracie Pigs at Play Mixed Media
Ximena The Masterpiece Mixed Media


Pig Angel Mixed Media
Teacher Name School
Laura Aylor Margaret Beeks Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Jade A Starry Night Landscape Oil pastels and black marker on construction paper
Roslyn A View Through a Curtain Liquid watercolor with black marker painting
Anthon Cityscape Through a Keyhole Liquid watercolor with Sharpie marker painting
Mariam Symbols All About Me Sharpie markers and liquid watercolor painting
Greta Jean Dubuffet Inspired Paper Sculpture Markers and Glue on Paper
Eliot Jean Dubuffet Inspired Paper Sculpture Markers and Glue on Paper
Teacher Name School
Marcee Repass Price’s Fork Elementary
Artist Title Medium
Ellie Owls over a Pond Watercolors and Markers
Ethan “Chameleo” Watercolors
Reece Camping Trip Markers
Savannah Mysterious Creatures Oil Pastels, Colored Pencils, Watercolors
Rohn Dromeashoeus Mixed Media Shoe Art
Taylynn The Magical Garden Mixed Media Shoe Art

Image by kjpargeter on Freepik