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Call for Artists!

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What is more beautiful than works of art scattered throughout a garden!  The Montgomery Museum of Art and History invites individuals, children, and groups of all ages and skill levels to participate in a planned installation in the grounds at 300 Pepper Street, former home to the Museum.

Flat plywood templates 24 inches in diameter in flower shapes of hexagon, six petals, or trillium await your creative touch.  Choose a template and cover it with paint or found objects, but keep in mind that the artwork will be exposed to the elements for three months.

 Let your imagination run wild to paint your template, or chose one of Southwest Virginia’s native plants to portray!

This is a wonderful time to promote planting natives. If you decide to paint a native plant, there will be a QR code set up so that natives can be identified.  It has been proven that native plants can bring many more butterflies, bees, birds and other pollinators to our gardens and yards if they are planted and cared for. Check out this website: https://www.plantvirginianatives.org/ for more information on South Western Virginia native plants.

Show Parameters

You have a choice of three shapes:  These templates have been made by students at Blacksburg High School, under the watchful eye of Rick Weaver!

Things to Consider:

-Artwork will be exposed to the elements for four months

-House paint and acrylic hold up well; watercolors are not recommended. 

-We ask that both the front and back of the plywood be decorated, although the two sides need not be the same.  The back could show the back of the flower or just be painted in a solid color.

-The art flowers will be mounted on stakes that are painted a uniform green, and the stakes will be attached to the back of the piece at installation. 

-We will outline the area that will be covered by the stake, and this area must be kept free of three-dimensional embellishments. There will be two screw holes to attach the flower to the stake after the stake is installed in the ground. 

-We have a limited number of templates (10) available in each shape, so first come, first served. 

Event Location:

This exhibit will take place at the Museum Grounds at 300 Pepper St. You can visit the gardens any time between dawn and dusk, but please contact  Beth Umberger at Megachile300@gmail.com if you would like  a guided tour. All accepted artists will be promoted on social media, the Museum website, press releases, and other marketing efforts.

Important Dates:

Date Item
April 1 Registration Payment  Deadline
Feb 23 – April 1 Pickup of templates: Anytime after you have paid for your template
March 1 – April 29 Deliver finished pieces to museum during normal opening hours
May 1 Install Date
May 4 Spring Garden Day 2pm – 4pm
September 1 Pickup art


Payment of the show-participation-fee of $25 will reserve your template choice. Before the opening you will be asked to register your title and price (if any), and enter your bio and artist statement.

Once you have paid (online) for your template you may pick it up at the museum during normal opening times (Tuesday – Friday 10:30 am – 4:30 pm, and Saturday 1 pm – 4 pm). Please bring your emailed receipt with you to show which template you reserved. April 1st is the last day to pick up your template. You have until April 15th to deliver your completed art to the museum. (again, during normal opening times).

This fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to participate your fee will be considered a donation to the museum.

Eligible Works

Reviewers on site may ask for evidence of the displaying artists’ involvement in the work or process. The museum staff and review committee reserve the right to reject any submission.

Not Acceptable: No buy/sell, mass produced, production or manufactured items, gourmet foods, kits, or work other than that produced by the artist are permitted.

Release of Liability

Exhibitors agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless, The Montgomery Museum of Art & History, and/or their officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, heirs and assigns, from all liability, costs, damages and attorneys’ fees resulting from or relating to any claims in any way connected with this Event. This provision extends to damages, including but not limited to theft, breakage, vandalism, accident or any other damages caused by the Client and/or guests or attendees in connection with this Event. The Montgomery Museum of Art and History assumes no responsibility for any food, beverages, artwork, and/or any other items whatsoever brought by anyone to the Event prior to, during, or after the Event.


While artists are not required to carry liability insurance, coverage is a growing trend among exhibitors. Participating artists are fully and solely responsible for the safety and security of their own exhibit areas and damages or injuries to other exhibits or persons caused by their exhibit area.

Your artwork is insured for the retail price you have listed on the piece. The coverage is in effect during installations, exhibit, and removal. The Museum is not responsible for artwork in transit and is not responsible for actions of any Museum guest who may damage the artwork.

Commission and Taxes

The Museum retains 25% commission on the sale of all artwork during the show. All sales will be handled by the Museum. Sold pieces must remain in the exhibit until the closing date.

A check for all work sold (minus the Museum commission) will be issued within two weeks after the end of the exhibit. 

The Museum will be responsible for the sales tax on any items sold during the exhibit. 

Personal taxes are the responsibility of the exhibitor.