Description of spaces 

R1 – Art Gallery “Bonus” room: $250

This room has hanging space on three walls. The fourth wall has a window out to the lobby area, and has a sideboard along that wall. There are two electrical outlets. There is space for approximately 24 large paintings to be hung.


R2 – Café Area: $250

This area is open to the lobby on one side, has a window to Franklin Rd, and is next to the library and marble teller counter.. It is next to the main entrance. It has a hanging system along one full wall, and has more hanging systems along the pillars between the window and the library. Items may also be placed on the teller shelf.  It has 2 – 5 electrical connections. The chairs and tables shown in this photo will be removed, unless you want to use them.





R3 – Goins/Cox gallery : $200

This area is open on two sides, with access to the Lobby, and the stairs down to the wing. One other side is the entrance to the library and the end of the teller marble counters. The 4th side is a solid wall  with hanging rail. There are two history display cabinets that will be moved out of the way, maybe along the back wall. There are two electrical outlets.




R4 – Library Area $175

Approximately 10’x10′ with a window, counter top on one side, electrical outlets. Table can be used, or bring your own setup.





Booth Space: $125


Indoor booths are  8’x8’ marked space on the lobby floor, or in the North Gallery/Wing .  You may have grids, tables, etc., whatever fits in that space. Both the main lobby and the wing are accessible from out side entrances, and there are stairs between the two




Table Space: $100

This is a space that is 6’ wide, with room for a table, and space to stand or sit behind. (Approx. 5’x6’) you may have anything that fits in that space, table, grid, display stand etc. as long as it does not exceed 6’ in length. The museum will provide folding chairs, but you must provide the table and other display items.

6 .Outside Booths. $125

These are 10’x10′ and will be located in the back parking lot. There will also be a wine garden and food trucks in this area

Projected layout: