Christiansburg High School Art Show

March 4 – April 11

The annual Christiansburg High School Art Show at the Montgomery Museum will have a different look and feel this year!

CHS is excited to help the Montgomery Museum close the chapter on their time on Pepper St. This year’s show is focused on rebuilding and moving forward. As always, art from CHS upperclassmen and Advanced Placement students will be on display but this year teachers have chosen to pay special attention to the future of the art department, our Art I students. Many of our beginning students have missed out on the opportunity to take art due to scheduling or due to simplified class work as a result of remote learning. These students are proving to be fast learners and show great promise in the world of art. This year’s show will also be separated into two parts in order to showcase as many students as possible. Part one will run from March 4 – 24 and Part 2 from March 24 to April 11.