Gallery Spaces

Lobby Floor: For 3-D art work

37ftx39ft,~20 ft high ceilings

Lobby Floor panels: 2D art work displayed on panels: Up to 9 panels, each 2ft 6inches x 9ft

Art Gallery: 13ftx13ft

This room has hanging space on three walls. The fourth wall has a window out to the lobby area, and has a sideboard along that wall. There are two electrical outlets. There is space for approximately 24 large paintings to be hung.

Café Seating Area: 12ft x 13 ft

his area is open to the lobby on one side, has a window to Franklin Rd, and is next to the library and marble teller counter.. It is next to the main entrance. It has a hanging system along one full wall, and has more hanging systems along the pillars between the window and the library. Items may also be placed on the teller shelf.  It has 2 – 5 electrical connections.


Two Display Cases:

Display cases are next to vault

Pepper St Gardens:

The grounds of the old museum building are described here. Outdoor art can be displayed here