Exhibiting Artist Approval Process

Would you like to become an Exhibiting Artist at the Museum or Gardens? Or would you like to participate in our theme shows?

It would be great to have you!


Exhibiting Artists Approval

You must be a museum member to participate.

General membership shows will be juried. You do not have to be an approved artist to exhibit in these, but subscribe to the Artist List to get the “Calls for Artists”.

Approved Artists will be eligible for single or joint exhibits.

To apply we need you to send a short bio, an artist statement, and up to five photos of your work. You can use the link below if you have a google account, otherwise email this information (along with name, address, and phone number ) to webadmin@montgomerymuseum.org

Apply Here
Subscribe to the Artist Email List

A  signed, written agreement  is required before exhibiting in the museum.

Art Requirements

All work must be original and should be recent work.

All designs must be original. No copies, patterns or prints.

Pieces cannot be accepted that are too large to fit

The Visual Arts Advisory Committee reserves the right to limit the quantity of pieces exhibited, based on space available.

Artwork must be framed and look professional. Canvases with staples are not permitted when installing artwork.  Gallery wrapped canvases are acceptable.  Shrink-wrapped art is not acceptable except from students.

It is expected that all the artwork on exhibit will be for sale. Rare exceptions may be made by the Director. The Museum retains 25% commission on the sale of all artwork during the show. All sales will be handled by the Museum.

Each piece must have an attached label on the back with the artist name and contact information as well as the title of the work, medium, date, and retail price.

Exhibit Catalog and Labels

30 days prior to exhibit opening, provide the number and size of each piece planned for the show.

14 days prior to exhibit opening, a catalog of the pieces in your exhibit must be uploaded to the Visual Arts Advisory Committee. This catalog should include the title, medium, and price for each piece in the show. The Museum will produce labels for the exhibit using the information in your catalog, so please make sure the information is correct. Labels will not be remade.

Apply Here